August 17, 2009

images(2)Indignation is Singapore’s Gay Pride season where events to create awareness of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) take place for a month. The first season started in 2005.

This year, several of us from the SDP and our friends attended the opening that was launched on 1 August at Theatreworks. The organisers of the event were the folks from People Like Us (PLU). Mr. Siew Kum Hong was conferred the Dignity Award from PLU for speaking up for the dignity and equality of gays. The former NMP was given a rousing applause and standing ovation when he gave his brief acceptance speech.

Mr. Alex Au and Dr. Russell Heng who spearheaded the event spoke about how gays or any other minority group in Singapore should be not be discriminated against.

The evening ended with poetry reading by Mr. Koh Jee Leong a poet who is based in the US. The audience was told that the Media Development Authority (MDA) had at the last minute required the three poems entitled Brother, Blowjob and Hungry Ghosts to be submitted for review. The MDA came back with a M18 rating. Amidst sniggers, the compere was obligated to ask those who were under 18 years of age to leave the room before the poems could be read.

I believe that every citizen regardless or creed, religion, race or sexual orientation should be treated with respect, equality and dignity. We hope our LGBT friends will not be subjected to harassment by the government for the activities that they have organised during their Pride month.

Click on this banner to visit Indignation’s website:banner_horiz400

One Response to “Indignation”

  1. Hi Siok Chin,

    Happy Lunar New Year 2010 to you and all your family members.
    With prayers always.

    swee keat john

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