The Visit

September 23, 2009 really enjoyed our visit to the home for the elderly last weekend. I spoke to several residents at some length. One was a 93 year old lady. She spoke fantastic English and that made it much easier for me to converse with her. She is still healthy and mobile.

Then there was this other resident who spoke some kind of dialect that none of us understood. She held my hand and smiled and cried at the same time. All I could do was to say in a mixture of Hokkien and Chinese that we will be back to see her. It was hard to leave her.

The noisy atmosphere was brought on by the eight kids we had in tow. At first they were wary and shy. They didn’t even dare to offer the pastries and drinks to the folks. But in about 10 minutes, I saw the kids whizzing by asking for more drinks and cakes for them to serve. They went from room to room to make sure that everyone was visited and had their makanan. At the end of the visit, one of my nieces asked if we could go visit another home that afternoon.

It was so good to see the faces brighten up and thanking us for visiting them. The residents told me that they hardly get out. There just isn’t enough staff to take them out. Well, I hope to take several of them to the park not too long from now. This will be such a treat for them… and us.

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