Wakey wakey Mr. Lee

November 30, 2009

https://i1.wp.com/www.lee-kuan-yew.com/leekuanyew-listening.jpgFirst he caused the catastrophic shortage of Singapore’s population by making us stop producing after two kids, then he opened his mouth to proclaim the “Golden Period” only to have global economy plunge into depths of depression, and now he says the bilingual policy that has left an indelible scar on hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans,  is a mistake.

Good grief.

For someone who has been showered with awards and accolades for his leadership, Lee Kuan Yew sure screwed up a lot of lives through his erroneous decisions and wild proclamations.

We don’t have to pay over $3,000,000 for someone to make social policies (unilaterally, probably) that destroy lives only for him to do an about face decades later and admit to his mistake.

An awakening, perhaps, when you become an octogenarian.

Here is a list of wrong decisions Mr. Lee might want to awaken to some really really time soon. Of course this list is not exhaustive:

  1. Making the death penalty mandatory for drug mules
  2. Wasting our money in paying his ministers millions of dollars each year
  3. Withholding our CPF savings even after we have retired
  4. Still insisting that the ISA was used to protect Singapore from the left-winged groups and worse, that the detainees were never tortured
  5. Criminalising homosexuality
  6. Ensuring that public institutions such as law enforcement agencies, the legal entity, media etc work for the interest of the public, not the ruling party
  7. Suppressing our wages through employing cheap foreign labour

Minister Lee should wake up soon to realise the senseless waste of lives and human potential that his government is perpetuating.

9 Responses to “Wakey wakey Mr. Lee”

  1. Nancy Kwan Says:

    If it were not because of the personal problems encountered by Mr Lee’s own family members, he would most probably not have “realised” or admitted some of his mistakes and the consequences these policies had inflicted on the lives of so many Singaporeans.

    The then “Stop at Two” policy was subsequently changed to “Have more if you can afford” when his eldest son went on to have 2 more children.

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  3. lee Says:

    he is yoda of the confederation.he wins.

  4. Alan Wong Says:

    Is he really that indispensable to Singapore as what the PAP has made it appears to be ?

    What if he really kicked the bucket, is PAP or PM Lee going to drop dead the next day ?

    Or is it that everyone at PAP is just pretending that he is still important ?

  5. KAM Says:

    You fellows in the alternative medium has fallen boat line and sinker into the test of LKY.
    He wanted to give you something to write about, and was testing the power of the internet, but mouthing something and seeing it morph into the hottest topic on planet Singapore.
    In a matter of 5-10 days, this Chinese teaching thing is the hottest topic. Everyone from Mr Brown to Mr Wong are talking nonstop about it.

    Clever little fox this Harry.

  6. Charles Says:

    I think that’s a good list to start. could add more such as the disastrous economic policies being made over the years

  7. Jimmy leftwing carter Says:

    Someone should just shoot the bastard!

  8. john Says:

    and of course, i am sure if ms chee was placed in the thick and thrust of politics and anti-colonialism, all through the heady days of early nation-building, she would have made none of the mistakes so glaring now in hindsight. of course, ms chee and her associates are above the pitfalls of human flaws. of course, if sdp led spore from the on-set, we would have a perfectly harmonious, prosperous and happy nation. oh, i forget, add to the list democratic and liberal too. how i wish history could have treated sporeans better with the blessings of a chee government sooner rather than later. sigh.

  9. DuraiKiller Says:

    Too Bad, singaporean are self-center, we only know how to hit and vent frustration to own people.The olden China chineses said – yi fan san sha. Look at foreigners irregardless white or blue collar worker. They will gained up boycot local. My previous company more than 90% are foreigners, they are group of p-no who against and isolated me in my workplace. I just wonder when are we singaporean ready wake up and united to against the present policy and point our gun to present threat and not stepping own people, even in the crowded public transport (mrt), recently two week ago,i was sleeping in the damn packed train then suddenly someone stepped on my foot, i restlessly open my eye and see then what one local uncle(late 40) immediately showed me middle finger four times instead of appology to me. I was angrify and woke up by this rule local babarian idiot and seen like he is challenge me for a fight. I confronted him and told him want to go police station and tried very hard to suspressed my boiling temper perhap the train was ready to packed and maybe this babarian might just loss control.
    From this incident, I ready hope we citizens must understand who have lead us to that situation. At present, we have to compete for job, space in public(train, bus, shopping mall etc), public house, school, rental house etc. Why are we still not united?

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