December 22, 2009

I was hardly surprised when the judge Ch’ng Lye Beng pronounced me and my Party colleagues guilty last week (read report here).

However, I must say that the maximum sentence that was generously doled out was unexpected. You see, this is the first time I have been “convicted” of any offence. In other words, I do not have a record, in legal parlance, no antecedence. Yet, the judge decided that I would have to be sentenced to the heaviest fine possible.

I guess I didn’t quite sound as contrite as the judge would have liked me to when asked if I had a mitigation plea. I told him “I continue to say that what we did was not a crime. Criticising one’s government is a right guaranteed in a democratic society. By finding us guilty you are as good as saying that we do not have this right. By pronouncing us guilty you are also saying that Singapore is not a democratic society and that this government is an undemocratic one.”

Let’s see what happens when the appeal for this matter is heard in High Court next year.

Happy 2010!


8 Responses to “Guilty(?)”

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  2. c-p-k Says:

    A Merry X’mas and A Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. ctct Says:

    Hi Siok Chin,

    I don’t if or how often SDP reads its email as I sent an email (using a different email address) to on Monday afternoon and have yet to receive a response.

    I was hoping to send a message/question to your brother through that since I do not have his email address.

    As such, I was wondering if you could direct me to an email address to reach him.

    Seasons Greetings.


  4. Moe Gan Thai Says:

    If a person wants to criticise govt. then must he apply permit? What kind of judge is this ? I saw many WP,NSP members distribute flyers,why no action taken against them ? Why point fingers at SDP?? They have two sets of law???

  5. vinyarb Says:

    Hey CSC,

    just to understand, so what exactly were you guilty of? The contents of the said pamphlets or simply distributing in a group of 6 without a permit?

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  8. Seelan Palay Says:

    Dear ctct,

    Dr Chee will reply to you shortly.


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