Jaslyn Go: A Wake Up Call for Singaporeans

January 8, 2010

Posted by Seelan Palay on behalf of Chee Siok Chin
Source: Jaslyn Go’s Blog

Among us F4, I was the least interested in politics..not forgetting, the one with the worse political knowledge.

Kelvin’s political knowledge was the best, which even Ti Lik as a politician takes his hats off to.

E-Jay’s political knowledge came pretty close to Ti Lik’s, and he being a very keen and fast learner, he absorb very fast.

I am the most hopeless among the 4 of us..my mind always drift off when they start to discuss politics or the recent policies, too ‘cheem’ for me as what I always tell them..

Ti Lik and E-Jay were the one who always drag me to attend SGHR and SDP meeting back then..Even though I told them I am not keen, but they always managed to persuade me to join them eventually..

I remember once in a meeting at SDP office..I was day dreaming when suddenly Dr Chee ask..”how about Jaslyn”.. I got stump and didn’t know what Dr Chee was talking about as I have not been paying attention..Ti Lik and E-Jay were laughing and save me the embarrassment further by replying ..”Jas cannot…she is not ready yet”..

I remember during Dr Chee and Siok Chin’s contempt of court trial, I hurriedly walk out from high court as I know hordes of reporters were waiting outside for them and I am not ready to be seen together with them (like many Singaporeans, to be seen with these 2 are a taboo).  I stood a distance away from them as I watched in total disbelief how our reporters were behaving like paparazzi, going after Siok Chin with the video and cameras blocking her path.  That was when I walk up to Siok Chin and put my hand on her shoulder and told her, “how can I let you walk alone, come, let me walk with you”.  The video crew follow us, blocking our path while we were trying to cross the road from High Court to Funan, and we were smiling and laughing about their silly antics.

That footage appeared in the evening  in CNA news and immediately my phone was swarmed with smses from friends and family asking me what am I doing with Siok Chin.  The next day, my neighbors were telling me they saw me on TV with SDP people and asking me how come I am mixing with SDP people.

Looking back 2 years on, while my 2 ‘bodyguards’ – Ti Lik and E-Jay has pleaded guilty to the protest 3 of us were involved with, I chose to continue on the trial.  Not because I am stubborn, or that I have the the whole world of time to play with them, in contrary, I do at times feel the strain of the trial taking time away from my responsibility aa a mother, and the thought of pleading guilty and just get over and done with is rather tempting.

What keeps me going is none other than my sister in arms – Siok Chin.  She is always my source of strength whenever I am feeling the strain.  As someone who had been through a number of trials and a jail sentence, she is always reassuring and find ways to cheer me up.  On some days when the court adjourn early, she never fail to suggest that we bring my kids out for play which makes my kids so happy.

Now, this sister of mine is yet again jail and this time for 7 days for ‘distributing pamphlets criticizing the PAP Government without a permit’.

If criticizing our government is illegal, then aren’t all opposition parties illegal parties since the basis of opposition is criticizing on government policies they feel strongly about?

In my views, only a incompetent government are afraid to be criticize and will hide behind the judiciary for protection against anyone criticizing.  A competent government will stand up to criticism and refute with facts and not let others do the dirty work of ’silencing critics in the form of arrest, prosecute and jailed.

As I sit here writing this article and feeling sad because I can’t be there for my sister who never failed to be there for me, I feel even sadder for Singaporeans who failed to see the autocratic government they have given mandate to for the past 40 years.  Until Singaporeans wake up and start to see how our government has really been ruling us, Singapore will be in a sad state.

I urge my fellow Singaporeans, even a least interested in politics mother like me, who has been brain washed for the past 30+ years to be apathetic to politics has since been awaken from the slumber, please wake up and see for yourself what has our government being doing to us, our people.  Even when now they are going on damage control, citizens will now come first before PRs, blah blah blah, will it last after they be given the mandate yet again for another term?


Wake up my fellow Singaporeans, you have a choice, vote the PAP out when the time come for you to cast your votes.

In solidarity with all who had been unjustly and unfairly jailed, prosecuted and persecuted.


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