March 2, 2010

Chee Siok ChinI’m serving my sentence this week. This time for attempted procession during our WB-IMF peaceful protest back in 2006.

When I told my friend Jaslyn that I would serve my sentence after our 30th anniversary bash, she lamented that it would be such a dampener from the weekend’s celebrations.

I knew that. But it’s got to be done. Better sooner than later. As in the couple of other times I spent in jail, I’ll rely on my faith and belief to keep my chin up. Faith in God and belief that justice, equality and human rights will one day prevail in Singapore.

I’ll also be drawing strength from those who had spent years in Lee Kuan Yew’s unjust ISD detention.

Will talk to you again when I get out.

Article with photos from SDP’s 30th Anniversary Dinner available here.

Posted on behalf of Chee Siok Chin.


10 Responses to “Again”

  1. qwaszx Says:

    Ms Chee, thank you for your courage.

  2. Hi Siok Chin,

    My prayers are with you, Dr Chee, Gandhi and the rest.
    With best wishes always.


  3. Tuan Nguyen Says:

    My salutation to Dr Chee, Mr Ghandi & Ms Chee,

    I find it quite interesting about the court sentence imposed on three of you. Though I am not surprised at all since this is not the first time the ruling PAP has conducted such a circus court.

    I had a chance to met Dr Chee, & Ms Chee in person at Dr Chee’s modest apartment in November 2007 during your party activity planning (I also met a lawyer of indian descent but I am not quite sure if that was Mr Gandhi).

    I simply want to say that my heart goes out with you and you do have my support for your noble cause; “a struggle for democracy” that I and many vietnamese compatriots are sharing your view.

    Let’s keep up our faith and the good side will always prevail.

    Tuan Nguyen

    P.S. I would like to know the information on financial support for the SDP

  4. John Launder Says:

    DearSiok Chin,
    I am sorry to see you, Dr Chee, and your colleagues agian being hounded and harrassed by Lee Yuan Yew and his PAP hoons. As I once told you I had admired Lee and his earlier efforts to build Singapore. However that admiration is long gone and replaced with contempt for a mendacious old man and his cronies.
    I have come to admire the strength and character of your you and your brother and your brave friends who get fined and imprisoned by a toady judicial system, for doing activities that we in Australia take as granted as our democratic rights.

  5. Alan Wong Says:

    IMHO, it makes a mockery of our democratic government. NO Singaporean should be jailed for such a thing. Only a gangster bully who is a coward will ever do that.

    Why should we Singaporeans be subjected to this kind of bullying ? And we paid them millions every year to do that ?

    No wonder he is so bold as to say that we are daft.

  6. tewniaseng Says:

    I was happy to see you and others so cheerful on that Sat night celebrating the 30th anniversary of SDP.To my surprise, 3 of you went to jail after that.That make me more determined to support SDP, a party who cares for Singaporeans,who sacrifices for the sake of democracy.

  7. Bobby Says:

    Ms. Chee You are a HERO!

    Many citizens are routing for you and teh real warriors for a Democratic Singapore….

    I am truly ashamed of the Political Leaders who have unashamedly used the State’s Apparatus to bully citizens like you.

    Your acts of bravery has nsot gone unnoticed.

  8. sankar Says:

    during 80s all went well but now is all sucks and the pap is only building funds for them and thier families and hope the pap will collapse soon and a good new government is implaced soon in this land of blood suckers…….

  9. AhBengBeng Says:

    Hope old fart will die real soon

  10. Chua Says:

    Dear Miss Chee,

    Was trying to get in touch with you for while. If you do remember, you were our netball coach.

    Will update more upon your response.

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